Monday, December 29, 2008

I made this wedding cake 2 days after Christmas, talk about being rushed, but everything worked out great. I love the way it turned out and so did the bride.
It is 3 tiers, 12in, 10in and 8in. All three cakes were french vanilla with ivory butter cream icing. I decorated each tier with scroll work and polka dots. Then I added red ribbon around the bottom of each tier. The bride had the beautiful topper made. I think it looks so elegant and I'm very proud of it, but I will have to admit, I'm so relieved when I'm finished with someones wedding cake.

This was a fun cake! I always love decorating cakes for kids because I can just add as much stuff as I like and I know they will love it. This was a Happy Birthday Jesus cake for a Children's Church class. A friend ask me to make this cake and she said, just be creative. I made a 11x13in. chocolate sheet cake with all butter cream icing. I used curly ribbon and angel cupcake picks for decorations. Then I added sprinkles, all kids love sprinkles. This sheet cake should feed 35 people.

The Camo cake is still very popular for all ages. Men, boys and women and little girls like this cake. I have several different ways to decorate this cake and I have a lot of fun making it. This chocolate sheet cake will feed 24.

Monday, December 22, 2008

This is the last cake that I made and I will not have another one until the Sat. after Christmas. On Dec. 27 I will have a wedding cake to make so please check back to see how it turns out.
I made this cute snowman cake for all the great folks at my sister's work to enjoy. I thought it turned out great and everyone seemed to love it. This is a 9x13in. strawberry sheet cake with butter cream icing. This cake will feed 24 people.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This is a really great tasting cake. It would be nice for men or women and for any occasion. This is a 10in. square chocolate cake with cream cheese icing, drizzled with caramel sauce and pecans.

This was my 2nd Mario cake. I made one just like this back in April for my little boy's birthday. This is a 10in square cake with an 8in. round on top, all butter cream icing with fondant decorations to match the Mario game. I made the topper by using a styrofoam bowl. This cake is especially cute when the little Mario figures are added. I had a lot of fun making this cake, I can't believe Mario is coming back.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Superman was my last character cake for the week. I had three character cakes just this week and they are a little more work than a sheet cake. This cake is a little smaller so it will only feed 15/20 people. For this little boys birthday, I made 24 cupcakes to go along with the Superman cake.

I really love the way this cake turned out. The lady that ordered this bridal shower cake wanted different shades of pink with a little black. This is an 11x15in. sheet cake iced in pink with a light pink cornelli lace design. I used a brighter pink fondant ribbon with a black fondant E and pink fondant flowers. It's another simple cake, but I think it turned out pretty cute.

I made this cute little train cake for a baby's 1st birthday. There are several ways to decorate this train, but I think this is the cutest. This is call a character cake and most character cakes feed around 24 people.

This is my 2nd lingerie cake. I think they are so cute for a lingerie shower. I use a heart pan for the base and the sports ball pan for the boobs. I think you could use any color on this and it would be cute. This cake will feed around 35 people.

I made this cake for Hannah Israel's 2nd birthday. She loves Elmo! This character cake was strawberry with butter cream icing. Character cakes normally feed around 24 people.

I made this sheet cake for a bridal shower. It is a 9x13in. strawberry cake with ivory butter cream icing. It's a simple cake, but very eloquent with the cornelli lace design. This cake will feed 24 people.

Monday, December 8, 2008

I know this is a very busy cake, but I thought it was great for a 40th b-day party. I made it to match the plates that also said OH NO THE BIG 40. This is an 11x15in. sheet cake and it will feed 35 people.

I think this cake is so cute and it would be a nice cake for all ages. I know little girls that like this cake and grown women. The brown and pink polka dots always look great together and the bow just adds a nice touch. This is an 8in. round cake and will feed around 25 people.

I think I have a camo cake just about every weekend now. The camo pattern looks great on all shapes and size cakes. Most people like the fondant carved deer, but there are other ways this cake can be decorated. This is a 9in. french vanilla, round cake and with butter cream icing. This cake will feed around 30 people.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Most little girls love Hannah Montana. I think this cake is cute and fun with all the bright colors. The toys on top come in a cake kit. The guitar in the bottom corner has lip balm in it. This is a 9x13in. sheet cake and will feed 24 people.

This is a french vanilla sheet cake with butter cream icing. The flowers are made of royal icing. I really like using two different colors to frost the cake, just something a little different. This sheet cake will feed 24 people.

I made this for my Bunko Christmas party. It is a chocolate cake with cream cheese icing, caramel and pecans. YUMMY!